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    There is way too much establishmentarianism in India, probably that is something which is resultant of India being one of the oldest standing civilizations or our will against change? We got all the red tapism from the brits when they left this country only to be worsen by the rampant corruption which was never checked by our rulers. And then we keep electing people from the same aristocratic classes over and over again. The organized parties and the system of establishmentarism has it's advantage of being a easy model which seemed to be proven the test of time, but there is so much good it can do when the times have changed?
    In the recent election in Italy, one of the oldest democracies in the world(think about existence of senate during the Great Roman empire) the victory of comedian Beppe Grillo has proven that people would like a change very much, but it is in the desperate times:
    . Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement becomes Italy's election success story | World news |

    The most candidates in his party are young, he himself did not attend the election because have a pending case due to an accident from his car. I can easily forgive such accidental charge.

    In a similar story in German and few other European countries the party called as The Pirate party became one of the biggest party to emerge
    German Pirate Party Beats Greens in National Poll - SPIEGEL ONLINE

    When Arvind Kejriwal formed the party, I was cynical to the point that he wont win many seats because time and again it has been proven that we refuse to try new things atleast the people who vote do not look for change. And the glamorous middle class of India do not even go for the vote.

    However, this victory in Italy proves that even in India it is possible to repeat such politicial change if there is enough awareness.

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