Quaker Nutri Poha anyone?

Discussion in 'F&F - Food and Fitness' started by JD666, Feb 3, 2013.

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    After Quaker Oats, The makers from Pepsi Co have brought a new item to the market under the Quaker Brand.

    Dunno if others know about it earlier, but I just spotted it, and got it home. The Missus made one of the packs ( Homestyle ) and it is yum!!!

    You get two flavors, Home Style and Green ?#@*&%!^$~ney. Only 26 Rs for a pack and the resultant meal is good for 2 people!

    Just add Coriander, Lime juice, and some lemon to it. Makes for a great healthy Breakfast! Especially for people like us up north, since Poha is not a regular, staple component of our diet.

    Some pics -

    quaker poha.JPG

    Quaker Poha 02.jpg

    Gets a Thumbs up from me!

    I would suggest a must try for anyone keen on some instant Poha.

    Just add 225ml water, 1/2 spoonful of oil, and leave it on gas on low flame. Leave it undisturbed for a few minutes, and let the water dry and then serve! Garnish with Coriander and a dash of Lime Juice.

    You can make it in the Microwave as well.
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    Cool .. id like to try this one out. I only have the microwave though

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