Review Quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S6

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Mar 19, 2015.

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    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on these at a recent electronics expo here.

    First up the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge -


    The screen is a beauty, with the curves creating an illusion of slimness. The phone appears to be slimmer than what it actually is. I loved the colors on the display, there was no over saturation and everything was well balanced.


    You can see the minimal, but yet noticeable curve towards the edges.


    Overall this makes for a very slim profile. The SIM card slot is at the top. I believe the port in the middle is the IR blaster.


    The headphone socket and the single loudspeaker grille at the bottom. Again inspired by Apple, but done in an unique manner to give it it's own appeal.


    The curve of the screen towards the the side.



    The back of the device is made of glass with a proprietary coating developed by Samsung, that keeps it from getting scratched and damaged. How well it will hold up to impact, only someone willing to drop one can tell.

    Samsung have used 6013 grade Aluminum for the body, which is a higher grade aluminium alloy that offers better rigidity and scratch resistance.


    The glass is reflective, and surprisingly not much of a fingerprint magnet. Really happy to see no plastic anywhere :D


    The camera and the LED flash. One of the most impressive features of this device that has me lusting after it. Samsung have incorporated a double press home button (from any menu) to start the camera. And the capture is probably the fastest that I have seen on any device. The focus is super fast and the capture is in an instant. This won my vote instantly. I have shot a video showing the capture speed and zoom quality, bear till the end of this article.


    The slight protusion of the lens. Manageable since the ridge around the lens will keep it from getting damaged even if kept on a flat surface.



    The task controller.


    Home screen.


    Drop down menu. Running in Retail mode, which means everything turned up to 11.


    The menu and back buttons OFF


    The Menu and Back buttons ON. The illumination was discreet and not too bright or over powering.

    The fingerprint scanner in this device is of the press to activate and not the swipe kind (which is harder to operate) that has been seen earlier.


    Free RAM was about 1.0GB with everything running in the background. From a total of 3 Gigs, this was a tad on the lower side. I was expecting more around 1.2-1.6 Gb at the very least.

    Moving on, The Samsung Galaxy S6 -

    No great shakes here, however this device does change the whole design philosophy and path Samsung has followed. The Metal + Glass construction definitely propels it into the league of the Xperias and the HTCs. Samsung has done a good job of designing these devices. I would've preferred a tad smaller screen, but maybe those may come in the S6 Mini.


    Similar to the Edge, except that the bezel is noticeable in this device. The S6 is slightly harder to hold compared to the S6 Edge, which was quite an interesting observation.


    Nice and chunky side profile. Note the groove running down the side to facilitate grip/hold.

    Only a tiny power button toggle + SIM card slot on this side .


    The IR blaster and Noise cancellation Mic at the top.


    Volume buttons on the left.



    Similar to the S6 Edge, the 3.5 mm audio jack and Speaker grille at the bottom.


    The well blended glass and metal construction.


    GUI was the same as on the Edge, nothing special to mention.

    What is worth mentioning is the Camera on these devices and the UI response.

    Here's a quick video I made before the stall guy would've hushed me away :D

    Oh and the wireless charging base that is free as an initial offer -


    To sum it up, these are my observations of these device -

    Pros -

    - The camera speed and quality. Very very impressive

    - That QHD screen is a delight to look at (especially in the last few seconds of the video).

    - Unibody construction, no plastics

    - Powerful 64 bit processor with no overheating issues

    - Wireless charging built in

    - The unique design of the S6 Edge.

    Cons -

    - Device size, they have tried and kept it as close to the iPhone 6 as possible, a tad smaller might not have hurt. But then you could always opt for the S6 Edge instead of the S6

    - No expandable memory or battery. In the interest of keeping it compact. However these features added to the value of ownership of a Galaxy device.

    - QHD screen burns battery. Yes it's a wonderful display, but they could've stuck to FullHD and given much better battery life in this device. This is a sore point for some, but for me, who emphasizes on battery life, this could've been looked into.

    - Pricing - The S6 is priced at about 44,275/- INR for the 32GB model and 49,400 INR for the 64 GB model.

    The S6 Edge is priced at 52,800/- , 58,000/- and 64,750/- INR for the 32 - 64 and 128 GB models respectively.

    With 2K resolution recording, it would be wise to consider the 64 GB variant as a minimum if you record/shoot a lot. Which makes this an extremely pricey option compared to the fact that the S5 is available for around 30-32k INR currently.

    Overall, the Camera and the construction has really impressed me. If only they could be priced slightly cheaper, it would be a done deal.

    Hope you liked this quick look!
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  2. JD666

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    The Indian pricing is slightly higher by about 5000 INR across the line for the S6 and 6000 INR for the S6 Edge-

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 is priced at Rs.49,900 32GB, Rs.55,900 64GB and Rs.61,900 128GB, while Galaxy S6 edge is available at a price of Rs.58,900 32GB, Rs.64,900 64GB and Rs.70,900 128GB

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