Review Quick Look - Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Aug 25, 2014.

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    A gift for the niece -

    kindle hd 01.jpg

    kindle hd 02.jpg

    The back side is a nice grippy skin, much much better than the iPad.

    kindle hd 03.jpg

    kindle hd 04.jpg

    A to Z

    kindle hd 05.jpg

    The grille hides the speakers behind it. Definitely louder than the iPad 2 I had with me for comparo.

    kindle hd 06.jpg

    The side, clear, no buttons on the right. everything on the left side.

    kindle hd 07.jpg

    The top of the tablet.

    kindle hd 08.jpg

    The left side. Note that the black strip on the left side is just the rear garnish coming all the way around. It was slightly confusing at first, but then you get used to it. Here are the volume, power and headphone jacks.

    kindle hd 09.jpg

    On the bottom we have the Micro-USB port, HDMI out and microphone.

    kindle hd 010.jpg

    kindle hd 011.jpg

    The screen (1920x1200) is nice and crisp. Much better than the iPad. Makes reading text a bliss. Video playback is equally good.

    kindle hd 012.jpg

    The apps layout.

    kindle hd 013.jpg

    The drop down menu

    kindle hd 014.jpg

    The home screen.

    The device is Android based, so you can install apps from the Amazon store. I'm pretty sure there would be a root mod somewhere out there that would allow one to root this device and install custom ROMs.

    This could do with an enhanced video player. I could not find screen ratio adjustment anywhere in the default player. Video playback is good, with full HD being displayed without any stutter or lag.

    As a reading device it does excel with the right amount of contrast and font size depending on ambient lighting, never was the screen too bright or too harsh.

    Gameplay was adequate.

    As a device that frees one from iOS/iTunes, this does get a thumbs up, however from one store to another, it switches over to Amazon store.

    For the money it was (13.5k then), it is a suitable alternate to those looking for a quality Android tablet and a replacement to an iPad.

    My Rating - 4/5

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