Renault Duster Pick up

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    Sadly only 500 units will be made of this funky Pick up.

    Though the load carry ability is on the lower side with a capability of 450 Kgs compared to the other pick ups in the segment, that can go upto 1000 kgs easily, it looks good while at it!

    The main difference is due to the design. Despite hacking off most of the roof and the rear pillars, the vehicle is still a monocoque design. It would've been quite a challenge, to ensure structural rigidity and strength, while not having the roof and the C/D pillars to add to it.

    A monocoque design relies on the whole structure to provide strength. Generic Pick up designs rely on a Body on Chassis type construction, which allows for the Chassis to be the load bearing member.

    Some pics with source at the bottom -


    I like the compact dimensions. Almost reminds me of a Suzuki Mightyboy


    They've stuck to the original design for the sides. No perceptible change in length or dimension.


    So much so that the rear is essentially the same from the regular vehicle.



    The rear downward opening door, tail lights, number plate cluster, all are from the stock vehicle.

    Source -

    Renault Duster surge em forma de picape na RomĂȘnia

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