Second coming for the Honda NSX

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    Or the Acura NSX for the US market. A vehicle that was revolutionary when it was launched way back in 1990.

    The original revered master stroke -


    This car had some notable highlights -

    • A cockpit inspired cabin (specifically from the F-16), giving the driver clear all round visibility.
    • A forward cab design, that inspired a lot of other Honda designs as well.
    • A potent 270 BHP 3.0L V6 engine, and later a 290 BHp 3.2 V6.
    • An extremely stable and drag efficient design that gave it great handling and performance.
    • F1 Legend, Aryton Senna was responsible for improving the chassis further in his feedback to Honda.
    • This car featured a full Aluminum construction, that saved nearly 200 Kgs off the weight.
    • Out of the showroom, it was capable of a 5.0-5.2 second 0-100 kmph.

    Let me elaborate some more. This car is so epic in the Japanese supercar/sports car world that pieces now sell for double what this vehicle was worth when new. Here's an Ad -

    acura price.jpg

    That's nearly 1.5 times the price of the vehicle when new, and this is an 11 yr old model done 60,000 kms.

    The engine was bullet proof, had an 8000 rpm redline and some pieces were reliable till 3,50,000 kms or more!

    Many of you might have seen this vehicle in the movie Pulp Fiction. :D

    Anyhow moving on, this is the 2015 brethren by Honda. Long awaited, much desirable. This might just change the game for not just Honda, but also mid-engined sports cars everywhere.


    A lot relies on this car, especially when you consider it's predecessor.



    Currently under testing, this vehicle is rumored to have 3, yes 3 electric motors (One for each front wheel and one supplementing power at the back). A 3.4 Litre turbo V6, and a sequential Auto Box (7 speed). No Manual.

    The power should be around 500 BHP combined (Fossil + Electric), but what has to be seen is Honda targets a kerb weight of 1400 kilograms, which is ambitious to say the least if you consider the weight of the hardware.

    The launch is anticipated end 2014-early 2015, since it's scheduled to be a 2015 model.

    Until then, the Japs have another car that is poster worthy!

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