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    SevenFriday is a relatively new entrant in the entry level luxury watch segment. Started by Daniel Niederer, SevenFriday is a company that is headquartered in Zurich (hence the Swiss connection). However there is an interesting twist to the tale that makes this review as interesting as the history of this new company.

    The founder has a long experience list of dealing with luxury watches in Hong Kong and South East Asia. This was launched in May of 2012.

    The interesting bit about SevenFriday is that though the marketing and labeling would suggest it is a Swiss brand, the watches are actually assembled in Hong Kong. Parts are sourced from all over, the movement is a Japanese Miyota (82S7 in the case of the P3-01).

    What I liked about the SevenFriday, or rather what made me purchase one for myself was the industrial design and big, in your face sort of dial. This was truly unlike anything I've seen in a watch in a long time. Overlooking the hybrid mish mash of sourcing and manufacturing (read little to no heritage), I went ahead and got one.

    Now prices can differ from store to store, and especially if you're buying online. So a ball park figure for the SevenFriday (depending on models) is between 800-1200$. If you're lucky and there is a deal going on, you can get it cheaper as well.

    Mine came in at about 76k INR (plus shipping extra).

    First up, un boxing and some pictures -

    SevenFriday watches come in a huge industrial like wooden crate, akin to a wine box that holds expensive wine. The newer series has a smaller/slimmer box, but I do like the longer crate like container.


    The top cover slides off to one side, with a foam layer underneath. Very well packaged I must say -



    Graphics on the side to emphasize on the industrial design. I like.


    Hello Beautiful! The warranty card is punched metal. A very nice touch.


    The first thing that comes across your mind the moment you hold it, is how heavy it is! After the Swatch or the Apple Watch, the Seven Friday comes in at probably the heaviest watch that I've had. The Rolex does come close, but this surely outweighs that.

    The dial is a chunky 47 mm by 47.6 mm giving it a nearly square dimension. The case is 13 mm thick, and is resistant to 3ATM of water pressure, or regular splashes and some swimming. Not that a person like me enjoys any ways.

    To allow you to use this in water, there are bundled silicone straps along with the watch -


    I actually found them to be more comfortable than the leather ones. Changing them was relatively easy as well. The newer SevenFriday design (V series) comes with a easy to remove lock pin, so that changing straps takes about a minute at most.


    Love the red stitch and the red backing.


    A closer look at the dial.

    So this model has 4 dials and a small window at the 7 o clock position.

    The top most dial is the minutes hand, which is the big wheel that you see in the middle.

    Underneath that is the hour hand, in Red color.

    At the 4:30 position you have the seconds dial, which rotates and the red arrow marks the second.

    At the 9:00 position is the 24H dial that tells which hour is it (before 12 or after 12). Very good.

    If they would've added a date window, the complications would've been complete in my opinion, but then there is only so much you should expect.

    The 7:00 position shows the wheel in motion, when the watch is in use. This has a reserve of about 40 hours, and can be winded up using the crown on the right.

    The crown opens up to one position only, and that is to set the time. You move thru the 12-24 hr disc using this only.

    Here is an image highlighting the dials/indications -

    How to tell time.jpg

    So the Pink arrow - 12-24 hr dial.

    Red arrow - Seconds dial.

    Orange - Minutes

    Blue - Hour

    Hope this helps.

    I'm writing this after about 2 weeks of using the watch. Here are some of my testing notes -

    - The watch is heavy, but with the silicon strap, is a snug wrap on the wrist. I have extremely small wrists, but yet this fits really well.

    - You cannot really hide it under a cuff. So dress accordingly. The design is discreet enough to be worn with formals, and can be worn casually as well.

    - I would not recommend doing any activity that would involve you bumping your wrist into things. The matt black finish looks good, but I am not sure if it will stand up well against dents and nicks.

    Here is a shot of how it looks on the wrist -




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