Console Silent Hill: Downpour on PS3? November 8 = Offical launch

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussions' started by TheMightyS, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Well we all know that SH Downpour was FULL of bugs on xbox360. (SH fans hate so much each time the franchise change Studio). I really hope this won’t end in another problem like Skyrim has.
    All SH fans out there be happy we will get it on PS3 [​IMG] (full of bugs or’s something at least).
    To quote:
    The future may not be so bright for Silent Hill: Downpour developer Vatra Games, but Japanese gamers looking to play the latest in Konami’s scary series will get their shot later this year. Silent Hill: Downpour will launch in Japan on November 8, the official Twitter account has revealed.
    Konami will only localize Silent Hill: Downpour on PS3, choosing to forego an Xbox 360 port for obvious reasons – those obvious reasons being that nobody in Japan buys Xbox 360 games. Ever. Not a single person ever. Go ahead and check; we’ll wait.​

    [Source] = Joystiq

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