Sixth Generation Camaro Launched!

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    The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is a go Folks!

    The only thing taken from the 5th Generation Camaro is the BowTie Logo and the SS Logo that the car sports (according to Chevrolet).

    Camaro 01.jpg

    Now, the 5th Generation Camaro was already pretty edgy and futuristic in its design, shape and feel. People did criticize the low ceiling a bit, and that visibility was limited. The 6th gen version is not only lighter by about 90 Kgs or 200 Pounds, but is also smaller, shorter, and has a lower height vs the old one.

    Camaro 02.jpg

    They have made the vehicle compact, with the Fastback shape being slightly more pronounced now. The new Camaro has stiffer body, new suspension components, that are not only stiffer, but also lighter.

    There is a new feature that makes an entrance in the SS version. This was earlier limited to the insane ZL1 only. Magnetic ride control, that adjusts the ride quality, based on input parameters, at about 1000 times a second.

    Another first, is Brembo Brakes for all the variants, with 12.6 in rotors for the smaller engined Camaro, and 13.3 inch rotors for the bigger models.

    Oh, and the engines? -

    Camaro 06.jpg

    From Right to Left - The 6.2 L V8, putting out around 455 BHP and 617 Nm of Torque.

    Next up, in the middle is the 3.6L V6 putting out 335 BHP and 385 Nm of Torque.

    The smallest of the three is a new Turbo 2.0 Inline 4 to compete with the Ford Mustang EcoBoost. that puts out 275 BHP and 400 Nm of Torque.

    The V6 and the V8 have been heavily revised and reworked for the 2016 Camaro, and offer features such as Variable Valve Timing, Direct Injection, and Cylinder cut off to save fuel.

    Camaro 03.jpg

    The difference between the base model of the Camaro (the 2.0L) and the Ford EcoBoost Mustang is that Ford have positioned the Mustang EcoBoost above the entry level V6 variant, and the power figures are slightly better than the V6.

    Chevy has done good to offer the 2.0 as well, since this should bring in a number of new buyers, that might be tempted by the 30MPG or 10.6 km/l mileage of the variant.

    Camaro 04.jpg

    A noticeable difference is there for all three variants, which might make upbadging difficult.

    Camaro 05.jpg

    From Left to Right - The 2.0, The V8 and the V6.

    If you look closely, the front bumper, air dam and hood has been redesigned on the V8. The front grille is also different, which definitely makes it stand out.

    And we've not gotten to the interiors. Which are simply beautiful, if they are what the images show them to be -

    Camaro 07.jpg

    Camaro 012.jpg

    Camaro 08.jpg Camaro 10.jpg Camaro 011.jpg

    The whole inside of the car is driver centric and focused. I love the dials on the A/C vents, the chopped steering wheel, the unholy merger of Leather and Plastic that is around the sides. The Console is a delight to look at and play with. For the first time, an American Manufacturer has come up with a design, that meets some of the best from the other side of the Atlantic.


    Pricing is expected to be as aggressive as before, and the Camaro should be around the 22L mark for the base model, and around 35-37L for the V8.


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