Discussion So What have you been up to the last 350 days?

Discussion in 'RAIDers League' started by JD666, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Time to catch up folks. Go ahead and comment below!

    I have

    - Changed Continents (Asia -> North America)
    - Changed vehicles (Dodge Challenger -> Chevrolet Corvette)
    - Hunkered down on my phone buying sprees and am currently rocking a Huawei Mate 9 and an iPhone only. The Redmi Note 4 does back up duty
    - Built a rig finally after 8 years. AMD Ryzen tipped me over.
    - stopped smoking (finally), switched to slightly less harmful Vape
    - Become an exclusively Rum drinker, some beer occasionally.
    - Visited San Francisco, LA (again), Washington DC, NewYork, Florida, Chicago.
    - Visited the Smithsonian and Steve Harvey Aircraft museums to see all the fantastic birds there.
    - Visited the NASA Space center in Florida and what an experience it was!
    - Driven over 4000 kms in a single road trip, Me and the Missus across the US of A.
    - tried all Indian food joints in the vicinity, and hated all of em.
    - touched a WWII Submarine and explored it from the inside.
    - started cooking food at home. Chicken and Turkey mostly.
    - lost some, if not all of the unwanted weight I've had.
    - Made some over the top, some reasonable and some extremely questionable purchases over the last 12 months.
    - started gaming again, though mostly catching up on the COD and Crysis titles. 2x1070s in SLi make gaming oh so much fun

    And much more, that I would like to go into further detail in various threads I will be posting over the next few days.

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