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Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Jul 16, 2015.

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    Unlike a lot of people that I have met/seen, I somehow do not find a 5ish inch screen phone comfortable to hold, use or operate for any length of time. People do nearly all their work that would require a Laptop/Desktop on their mobile device. I do too, albeit on a smaller screen size.

    This is perhaps one of the main reasons that I still have the iPhone 5S in my backpack as a back up device. Though the battery life is useless, the 4 inch form factor makes it a nimble operator in the pocket. And it still packs a punch, so apps run effortlessly.

    The Xiaomi Redmi 2 was also a top pick for me, purely for the screen size and the decent battery life. Though the bezel area on the Redmi 2 is quite high, it still manages to win over with the MIUI OS and the cheap price tag.

    I got my hands on the Z3 as well, but the 5.2 inch screen was a tad too big. This, the Z3 compact was an online exchange, for my Lumia 1020. RIP Windows, I've had enough. Not that Android does not have its fair share of annoyances with apps being updated without permission, loads of bloatware and what not. And you gotta stop it all, and be very mindful and careful of what you select, lest you let your phone decide everything for you.

    The Z3 compact packs the same hardware as the bigger sibling, the Z3 - 2.5 Ghz Quad Core SnapDragon 801, however has 2 Gb of RAM vs the 3 on the bigger Z3.

    However with a 720P display, it definitely benches higher than the Z3. My device came with Android 5.0.2 running. Not bad, definitely snappier than the Z3 and the easy switch task menu was much nicer than before.


    The Z3 Compact comes in a similar packaging like the Z3. The cardboard is though slightly on the flimsier side.


    Standard set of contents along with the device, with a data cable, headset, ear plugs of different sizes and charger.


    The charger was made of quality stuff, rated at 5V - 1500 mA. The Z3 compact has a 2,600 mAH battery, which gives it a top 7 rating in battery endurance of all smartphones currently. This is one of the USPs of this phone, that not many devices in this size range, offer so much capacity.

    The bottom half of the dual front speakers. Volume is more than adequate and generally 70-80% levels suffice more than enough.


    The back of the device is glass, with a flush 20.7 MP camera sensor that does ISO 12,800 and a LED flash.
    For some reason, I found that the Camera of this device was better at capturing images, and faster, vs the Z3.

    The coolest bit for me, is the magnetic jack for charging. You can either connect a dedicated cable that hooks up to it, or place it in a dock that charges it from those two points.



    Surely saves the hassle of opening a flap, and plugging in the Micro USB cable.

    The left side of the device is divided into two flaps, one on either side of the magnetic charging port. The flap on the left houses the Micro USB port and the Micro SD Card slot. This will be used the most (due to the need for charging) and has a lock that seals the port shut every time. An on-screen reminder also pops up to ensure that you've closed it properly.

    Not the best of solutions, perhaps a spring loaded flap would be better (and prone to breakage).


    This flap houses the Nano SIM card tray and the product licensing information, which comes out on a neat scroll that can be pushed back inside.


    The bottom houses the lanyard slot and the microphone. The edges of the Z3 compact are similar to the Z3, with rubberized bumper protectors on all 4 corners.


    The right side houses the well beveled power button, volume toggle and camera button. Feel and finish is superb and the press response is great.


    The top of the device houses the 3.5 mm jack and the noise cancellation microphone.


    Lined up next to the Redmi2, the Z3 compact marks a quality feel and finish that the Redmi does lack. The phone justifies the price tag it carries. Sony have definitely improved this dual glass (front and back) design to a great extent.

    Benching this device -


    That score of 46435 is amazing.

    I will reflect more on the usability and daily performance of this device as I get accustomed to it. However a quick summary of pros and cons -

    Pros -

    - Form Factor

    - Battery life

    - CPU/Processing power

    - Water proof - upto 30 minutes.

    - Feel and finish

    Cons -

    - Flap design not the best design out there

    - Not a pure Android experience, some bloatware apps present (not as much as Samsung thankfully).

    - Might be replaced by Z4 compact.

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    Another phone, my god!
  3. JD666

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    Another phone in exchange of an existing phone. So technically the phone count has not gone up.

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