Stereo BlueTooth headset - Sony SBH60

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    After looking at various headset options, and with no suggestions coming in from anywhere, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Sony SBH60 Bluetooth headset.

    Primary purpose was to be for hands free office calling. I'm not one for listening to music on headphones/earphones. I rather prefer them on the Home theater or in my car.


    I discarded the outer cover before I could take a picture. So I will start from the inner box and contents only.

    The headset comes in a clear plastic container, that houses/holds the headset in a plastic tray, set inside a cardboard box.


    Picking it up, it feels sturdier than what the design suggests. The SBH60 weighs 125 gms,which does add to the durable construction and feel. The earpieces are connected by a flat ribbon cable, that allows them to slide on the metal for adjustment.

    Specifications of the SBH60 as mentioned by Sony are as follows -

    Headband Width - 9 mm

    Weight - 125 gms

    Bluetooth profiles -

    • Handsfree profile (HFP) v1.2
    • Handsfree profile (HFP) v1.6
    • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.0
    • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) v1.4 – Control and Target role

    Battery and life -

    • Standby time: up to 24 days
    • Streaming audio time: up to 13 hours
    • Talk time: up to 13 hours
    • Battery: 225 mAh

    Speaker and Microphone -

    • Speaker type: 30 mm dynamic
    • Speaker frequency range: 30Hz - 18000Hz
    • Electret Condenser, Omnidirectional, Effective range: 100 - 80000Hz

    The headset also supports NFC paring via the Left Earpiece -



    What appealed most to me was the leather type ear pieces, which were soft enough to be worn for long duration, but at the same time, were not too big or over sized. When I demoed this headset, I found that the sound isolation/sealing was quite comprehensive, despite the relatively smaller size of the headphone.


    Controls are relatively simple with all buttons and connections on one side (Left) The above are the Mic, Power and Micro-USB.

    The 3.5MM audio jack, Volume toggle and Call/End buttons make up the rest of the circumference.

    The buttons are well laid out, and can be accessed easily.


    Also included in the Kit are a short Micro USB-USB cable for charging. And a L-Type 3.5MM audio cable for connectivity when the device is not Bluetooth compatible, or when you run out of battery.

    Tester's Note -

    - Even though all the kit is on one side of the headset, it is well balanced, and you don't feel it tugging to one side. Perhaps a counter weight has been utilized in the other headset, or the battery has been shifted there.

    - The kit feels slightly incomplete. A felt carry bag would've been a great addition. At 4,999/- INR it isn't a cheap Bluetooth Headset. Though the construction feels durable, I would've liked a carry bag to protect the padding and metal headband.

    - The headset is comfortable to use. I can slip it around my neck when not answering calls. Getting used to having it there was a bit of a hassle, but once I started using it, I don't feel like holding a phone to my ear anymore.

    - Audio quality and isolation is good. During one test, the person at the other end remarked that he was getting an echo, but after reducing the volume, it was sorted.

    - Emphasizing further on the Audio quality, calls are clear and legible on both ends. Range has been tested to 20ft, beyond which I do not see a requirement. No loss or drop in quality.

    - Charging time is about 2 hrs on a standard USB port. I charged this about 4 days ago, and used it for about 3 hours of calling. Still running strong, no issues.

    - Bluetooth pairing is super fast and easy. My BlackBerry picks up the link as soon as I switch Bluetooth on. Was slightly slow with the iPhone, but then they aren't the easiest for Bluetooth devices.

    - Foldability would've been a plus, but then this is a headset intended for music and not office use.

    - Speaking of which, listening to a couple of tracks on this device was quite impressive. The sound was balanced, not the usual tinny Sony sound. Bass was good, not too deep and the mids were deep. I likey!

    All in all, a worthy purchase if you're looking at a headset for calling and Music. Nice job Sony!

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