The 'BlackWidow' - My Gaming Rig !

Discussion in 'The Show Off Section' started by MohitGamer, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. MohitGamer

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    Thanks Moz

    @Moz: As suggested, found these 2 options:
    Cooler Master QuickFire XT (MX Red Switch) - [Link]
    Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid (MX Black Switch)- [Link]

    As you can see, Practically they are priced same with difference of Numpad/Full size, MX Red vs Black
    I haven't seen the Rapid but managed to check out the XT-Red as it was displayed at ComicCON. It was Divine.
    Need your Expert opinion.
  2. MOZ

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    Excellent choices young padawan. Of the CM line, these two are one of their best boards, both OEMed by Costar (Same as Filco, WASD).

    The XT is full-size, whereas the QFR is TKL, TKL is more ergonomic as your right hand (Holding mice) is closer to the left hand, however if you feel you really need the numpad, then go for the XT. Your call.

    As for reds vs blacks, they are both linear switches, reds being a big lighter (Require less force to actuate), so you have to decide which switch you like better, as that is a completely personal preference.
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