Review The iPhone 6.5 - Lenovo Sisley S90

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    Yep, It indeed is an iPhone 6.5.

    We were scanning the market for a replacement device for a family member. Upgrading from a Galaxy Grand 2, there was nothing much in terms of requirement, other than the regular usage. Spotted the Lenovo S90 a.k.a. Sisley, and we were instantly impressed.
    Compared prices with India, we were getting it cheaper by about 1500 INR, and the decision was made.

    Came home, and this review was made :D

    Unboxing -


    A suspiciously similar box to Apple (opening upward)


    The phone with a cover around it.


    Contents spread out.


    A 1.5 Amp Charger for the 2300mAH non removable battery. The data cable is similar to what was seen on the A606 with giant plastic surrounding the connector. They could've taken a page from Apple and made the cable slimmer. Probably in the interest of durability.

    Standard headset with in-ear plugs does duty, no varying sizes of plugs available.

    The included clear plastic phone cover. It leaves the top and bottom exposed, but other wise provides a snug fit and does show off the metal finish of the device.


    One good thing that Lenovo (and Sony) have done is including the screen guard in the retail packaging. This saves a lot of hassle trying to source the screen guard, especially if the device in question is a new model. It also adds to the value for money proposition that the purchase offers.


    Accompanying literature, with warranty and a Quick Start guide.


    The device. A tray on the left hand side contains the Dual-SIM tray (Both are Micro SIM cards).


    The curves are unmistakably Apple, and how much? we will see in a bit.

    The bottom of the device houses the dual speakers and the Micro USB port.

    The back is finished in Champagne Gold (similar to the iPhone Gold), and features the a single band that is obviously taken from you know who.

    The camera lens is flush with the body, and adjoining the camera is a single LED flash.

    Versus the iPhone 6 -

    Before we move on to specifications and performance, I would like to write a little about this device vs the iPhone 6, since it mimics the Apple offering the most.

    If you look closely in the above image, you will spot something that I saw for the first time in a device. The front 8 MP (fixed Focus) Camera has a LED flash! Yes, there is a flash for Selfies in the dark! And it works. I took a few selfies in the dark, that came out pretty well, thanks to the flash. Now I can go bombard the world with my selfies.

    Moving on.

    The iPhone 6 in the photos has a plastic protection film on it, hence the reflection is slightly different. But if you look at the size, vs the Sisley S90, the S90 looks like a 6.5. It's definitely bigger than the 6, but not as big as the 6+.

    I'm pretty sure those rounded edges would be identical, degree for degree keeping the thickness of the device in mind.

    Both the Lenovo and the iPhone are 6.9mm in thickness. The Lenovo is slightly broader (by nearly 5mm) at 71.7 mm and taller (by nearly 8mm) at 146mm. Co-incidentally enough, both devices weigh the same at 129 gms.


    The right side of the device houses both the power and the volume toggle.

    Already shown, the speakers and the MicroUSB port. The 3.5mm Audio jack is at the top.

    Vs the iPhone 6.


    The Audio jack and Noise cancellation mic port at the top.

    The SIM card slot on the left side.

    Now moving out of the shadow of the iPhone 6 and enough bashing about, I powered up the device and played with it a bit.


    First up - Technical specifications -

    Processor and speed -
    Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 - Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53

    Graphics -
    Adreno 306

    Ram -
    2 GB

    ROM -

    Expandable storage -

    Camera -
    Rear 13MP with LED flash, Front 8 MP (Fixed Focus) with LED flash

    Video -
    Full HD 1080P at 30 Fps from rear camera

    Network speeds -
    4G/LTE on one SIM, regular standby on other SIM.

    Battery -
    2300 mAH Non-removable.

    Screen -
    5.0 inch, 720P (1280x720), 294 pixels per inch, Super AMOLED.

    Software -
    VibeUI over Android 4.4.4

    Lenovo offers their Vibe UI over Android 4.4.4 on the Sisley S90, similar to what has been seen on the A606 and the A6000. I noticed some minor differences between the two UI, like for instance, when I wanted to take a screen shot, the Sisley offered me an option of cropping and capturing a portion of the screen, or the whole screen.

    Funny bits that I observed were, that a) the Security app was nagging as ever, and b) the default Android screen shot method (Power + Volume down) does do a screen capture, but the Screen shot is not saved anywhere. I was forced to use the screen shot selection from the power button menu or the drop down menu.

    The screen size was identical to that of the A6000, which brought me to an interesting comparision. Running Antutu on the Sisley S90, revealed the following results -


    Antutu 5.6.1 score of 20,925. And this was after the Security App was shut down in the background.

    Now if you remember the A6000 score -


    It was 20,485 for the A6000. A near minimal difference of 500 points for 2GB Ram and a 13 MP camera. However it was fun to see that two devices, one nearly 3 times the price of the other one, same manufacturer and nearly the same scores.

    The A6000 grew respectably in my eyes, giving the S90 a run.

    Camera and imaging -

    Here's a shot taken from the S90's main camera vs a reference shot from the iPhone 6 -

    First up the S90 with flash -


    It is not entirely the mistake of the camera or the Flash. The image capture was at close quarters. I did take some other shots, and the image quality of the S90 was perfectly acceptable (definitely a plus over the A6000)

    Without flash -


    And the iPhone 6 Ref image (Same image was used for the A6000 comparo) -

    iphone ref.jpg

    Battery life on the Sisley S90 was decent, with one expecting a day's usage easily. I found the screen crisper and brighter than the A6000, possibly due to the AMOLED display.

    Usable storage space out of the 32 GB is 25 odd gigs, out of which 24 gb is available. More tech details in the screen shots below -



    25.49 GB is available as System storage, and available space is 24.29 GB before installation of any apps.


    For some reason Antutu read the density as 320 dpi.


    Here's a video shot by yours truly showing the GUI and interface

    All in all, here's a phone that does copy styling, but comes dangerously close to being ambushed by its own. A good alternate to those who would like to have a device styled like the iPhone (unabashedly), but running the latest Android.

    To sum it up -

    Pros -

    - Designed like the iPhone 6
    - Front LED for Selfies!
    - Display
    - 32 Gb storage

    Cons -

    - Designed to look like the iPhone 6
    - Non removable battery
    - Non expandable memory
    - Over half of 2 GB Ram consumed by apps before installation of any apps.

    Hope you enjoyed this review!

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    To be honest to everyone. If the 13MP camera and front LED flash don't find much appeal to you, you would be better off with the A6000.

    Agreed it has 1GB of RAM vs this, but it offers removable battery, expandable memory upto 64Gb via MicroSD card, Dual SIM, 4G connectivity. And crucially, it costs only 6999/-

    A great VFM, if you need a phone for regular browsing and chatting.
  3. JD666

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    Don't forget to see the video -

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    Thumbs up for the review :D
  5. JD666

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    Thank you
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    Those similarities :D
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