The new Ford Focus RS - Car with a Drift Mode

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    Yep. One of the 4 settings on the new Focus RS, is a Drift Mode setting, that lets you do a controlled drift on the vehicle. It still requires a degree of skill (and commitment) on your part to hold the power in, but A Freaking Drift Mode! Ford have truly gone maniac on this one.

    After ages, the rule book and cost overruns has been ignored. This is generally the trademark of Supercar manufacturers who can afford to incur the high cost of development, since they will be selling the finished vehicle at a correspondingly high price as well.

    But for a volume driven segment, making a one-off with such technology is not always prudent. Sure, it'll turn heads and get you noticed, but there's still some loss to be incurred. Ford's RS heritage has been long and strong. They've made some of the most iconic cars that have been fan favorites the world over. The RS200, Escort Cosworth, the previous Focus RS with it's unique front differential are some that I remember personally.

    With the new 2016 Focus RS, they have brought in AWD or All Wheel Drive. This car along with a dual clutch at the rear, sends power to all 4 wheels, and if need be, upto 100% of torque to one wheel. Only when you're driving straight, are the rear wheels dis-engaged.

    They can however be re-engaged in as little as 1/100th of a second.


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