The Story of how my Master got Leh'd

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    Hi there, this is the Duke speaking. Most of you would have already seen me on the pages of this community, since I am the current official R101 motorcycle. Though i was hoping someone would join the ranks with his bike or car soon, however I think I'll enjoy the attention while it lasts.

    Anyhow, this is a story, of a journey that My owner had planned for several years, a journey for which I was bought specially and I got to be a part of. Of over 2,800 kms in 14 days, and slush, water, rain, cold, hail, sun, heat and what not.

    It started in March 2012, when turbo99i came to India to meet JD666 and left him with the idea of possibly being able to go visit Leh on their bikes, something that had been on his mind for many years.

    One fateful day in May 2012, Mrs JD666 surprised JD by going for the purchase, and lo behold, I came into the family.

    After a lot of patience running in and proper prepping. ( I liked the fact that I had Fully synthetic oil running inside ), Owner and Bike, The Rider and his ride were ready. The date - 18th August 2012. After a whole day of preparing the luggage, and testing it on me to be sure of its stability, we left of. He was kind and thoughtful enough to ensure that it was snug, but not too tight.


    Thats me, with the full luggage load mounted. It was well balanced, so no issues with riding.


    JD all geared up and ready to push off.


    Thumbs up.

    I was dying to hit the highway, and get out of the traffic mess that NCR has. We hit the highway in no time, and JD ensured that he made short work of it, reaching the Fast Trax outlet at Wazirpur in no time. He stopped for a quick bite, while passerbys gawked at the load/gear we had on. It was a fun sight seeing everyone looking at us so confused.

    Anyhow, we crossed the traffic, and soon we were keeping up and ahead of traffic on the Highway. It was superb to be able to stretch my legs, however he ensured that he kept me within check and we were going steady between 90 and 110 kmph.

    Stopped for a quick water break for him, and a short cool down for me, though I was running at operating temps, not higher, after Panipat ( the elevated expressway is the best bit of the highway ).

    Went on further crossing Ambala, where I know he has spent several years during his college days, must be nostalgic I'm sure.

    Took the highway towards Chandigarh, and stopped once more to check the route. Called up Vaneja, and he gave JD directions on how to get to his place.

    At around 2200 hours, saw Vaneja waiting for us on his Scooter, and he guided us home.

    Relieved, at making the first leg safe, JD unpacked the luggage from me, gave me a loving pat and went upstairs for rest.Averaged around 73 kmph, covering the distance in a little over 3 hours )

    After food and chit chat later it was time to sleep. However he came downstairs to re-park me in a corner so that no one would disturb me. I slept quite peacefully. However he forgot my keys on the bonnet of a car parked alongside, and I was worried all night, if someone could spot them and steal me. He was worried sick too, since day 1 and he had already lost one key!

    However the next day, the washerman helped find the keys and returned it to them. What a relief!

    Day 2 to follow soon!!
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