Review - Game They might call you an enforcer, or an assassin. Call it what you like - you're a CONTRACT KILLER.

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    Recently while browsing through the internet I stumbled upon a game , a First person shooter with Sniping as its preferred method.. it was called CONTRACT KILLER- A FREEMIUM app.. sounded interesting. So I fired up the app store and let it download not expecting much since it was for the iOS and I dint expect it to be up to par coming from a little known developer and with no typical hype and hoopla that has generally combined success for games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Temple run and the like. After the download was finished I hit the app button .. it was 11 in the night and I just wanted something to entertain me before I was lulled into sleep. So with little or no expectation I ran through the game-play. I was presented with my first CONTRACT.. a bald man standing outside a Pub/bar/Metro station with me positioned on the roof of a building. And then came the assistant – THE CONTACT- that is so associated with these kind of games SOPHIE LACOMBE.. she guided me through the basics and the game play.. with a hunting rifle in hand I made a Head Shot.. I was so ecstatic like a four year old who has got his first gun and is firing around crazily. Nevertheless, back to the gameplay I was stunned by the quality of graphics, though I have iPhone I rarely play any games – sticking to my movie a day routine to kill time- and the last time I played anything it must have been ages ago when java games looked like a bunch of broken squares on my craPhone

    Heres an intro video

    I was so hooked to the game after 2 missions that I sat down playing with my headphones plugged in.. after another 2 mission I realized I was out of ENERGY.. the equivalent of time gap the developers feel u should wait to increase addiction

    IMG_1270.PNG IMG_1271.PNG IMG_1272.PNG IMG_1274.PNG IMG_1275.PNG IMG_1280.PNG IMG_1282.PNG

    So off I went googling on how to compensate the waiting period without paying ( it’s a freemium app so u can buy stuff that restores energy) and came across a glitch where u could change the time of your phone hence bluffing the app to believe that u have passed the COOLING period .. and by the time I had done 30 odd mission/contracts it was 4 in the morning and my 4 month old was crying coz of her wet diapers. So I called it a night and after changing those diapers I was off to sleep determined to get the ballstic rifle, for the next mission’s requirement, the day after.. I forgot to mention the missions earn to reps that level you up and money with which you buy ammo / guns/medikits etc.

    Initial missions are single shot ones with maximum targets getting to 4 to wipe out a whole gang.. each mission has money and reps assured plus bonus reps for each kill, multipliers for kill in first 5(3x) and 15 seconds(2x) & head shots(2x)

    But gradually when you level up the number of members of a gang go up to 13.

    The story line missions give u good cash but low xp whereas the random informer missions give you good xp & ok cash. Sub contracts appear after 30mins / 4hours/ 8 hours. They are nothing except bonus for waiting on a contract with a ‘$’ sign appearing on the map which on clicking add the bonus to the contract for which they have appeared.

    One important thing for beginners is the crouch button because you are using single shot rifle with slow reload so that you do not take the hits while reloading.

    Some missions appear where your client provides you with gun and ammo to make the kill. This lures the user to buy credits to get these super powerful weapons, which are not available for cash and can only be purchased by credits.

    Credits can be earned either Free by completing offers or Bought.

    My favorite weapon is the Nanotech Sniper in the freemium segment and the Anti Material rifle in the general segment.

    In 4 days of playing I have reached level 20. Not bad by the amount of time I could give it.

    Friends here can Pm me for exchanging gifts and getting free credits for referrals

    Its also available on the PLAY STORE for android

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