Review This Tweak Adds Page Curl Animation To Notification Center And Lock Screen On iPhone

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by TheMightyS, Aug 18, 2012.

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    one thing most users hate is the lack of customisation in iOS .. and the one thing we love by jailbreaking is the infinite number of customisations available

    The UnCcurl package also comes with its own set of configurable options that are accessible through the native Settings app. Users have the ability to toggle the lock screen and Notification Center options on or off, as well as being able to change the curl radius to suit their own visual tastes. As nice as the package looks and behaves, and as attractive the curl effects are, I can’t help but feel that a few corners may have been cut due to the fact that it looks like the developer has used the same class to capture the screen as part of the curl process that is used when taking screenshots. Not the most elegant way to do it.


    most of these come at a price , though most jailbreakers know how to get it for free.. but for those who dont .. we will have a seperate tutorial
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