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Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Sep 13, 2017.

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    I know a lot of sites are talking about the features, the price points, what's amiss and what's new. A bunch of fantastic features, but here's a personal take on the latest iPhone launch. After having owned and used the 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus and now the SE, I think I have fair enough handle on these things.


    Also - Have spent about a week with the iPhone 7, couple of days with the 7+.

    In no random order, some thoughts on the iPhone 8/8+ and the iPhone X

    - Face ID - Fantastic Tech. Might need some getting used to. Those Animojis are insane!

    - Face ID - Would've liked to see Touch ID as a back up. Not everyone would have their face available for unlocking. If you're on a bike. have a face mask on, or due to cultural/religious regions, exposing your face to unlock is not going to be the easiest way to access your phone. This will be a step back, since you'll have to go the regular pass code way. So much for having the latest/greatest iPhone and having to type your pass code.

    A back up Touch ID sensor in the Apple Logo would've been great!

    Perhaps we'll see it in the Xs (Excess? )

    - Siri - The button on the side is an afterthought. They already have the tap to wake (Oh My God! After ages). A Siri 'zone' could have been defined on the home screen, that when pressed could activate Siri. You could additionally have had a 'S' gesture to activate Siri.

    They have voice activated "Hey Siri" so that works as well. But you have to enable that for Siri to listen in to you.

    - Emphasis on Portrait pictures and SnapChat. - Hey it was kinda obvious that the target audience was any 13-25 year old who is heavily hooked to SnapChat. But what I would have liked to see was the inclusion of some parental control features that allow for a safe environment for our kids. Perhaps iOS 11 already has something that I am not aware of. Will get to know in the coming few days.

    - Control Center is drop down - Ho hum, but is it customizable?

    - Camera - Great, but an evolution over the 7/8. Samsung might still hold it in raw capture.

    - individual pixel processing - Again a fantastic feature, if it works as advertised. Videos can indeed be crisper.

    - Battery - Biggest bane perhaps. I suspect they have not tweaked/improved upon the battery capacity of the iPhone 7/7+ and are using the same batteries instead to save manufacturing cost.

    I sincerely expect Apple to do an enterprise version of the iPhone for corporate/heavy users. A device with double the battery, slightly thicker, and still packing in great guts would convert many an Android user, who swear by their battery life. I know I do. Main reason for me to go to the 6S Plus after the 6S and now the SE, was simple. I wanted good battery life, and the 6S Plus, SE topped the charts in battery life.

    - Product line up - This has to be the longest product line up ever for iPhones with 8 models on sale from the SE - 6S - 6S Plus - 7 - 7 Plus - 8 - 8 Plus and the X

    A good bit is that you can either get the 7 at 549$, or the 6S plus at 549$ if you want the bigger screen. Performance gap between the 6S and 7 is not as much as the expected difference between the 7 and 8.

    It'll still be worthwhile to consider the iPhone 7/7+ now due to the OS scope for upgrade. But if they're planning to sell the SE/6s/6s+ and upgrade them to iOS 11, then the A9 might still be a more than capable CPU in the time to come.

    - SE - I was sincerely hoping for a slimmer, sleeker SE. Especially considering the sales it has contributed. However I guess the angle is to get as much mileage out of the design with nil development cost. It's a very tempting offering at 349$, an entry into the iOS ecosystem. And having used one for nearly a year, it is a very capable compact device that puts many a bigger Android devices to shame, and still feels next to nothing in your pocket.

    The Camera is still quite capable of taking regular shots, so expect the SE to run until the 2018 line up at the very least. But get a 64 gig if possible. The 32 just no longer cuts it anymore.

    - Apple Watch 3 - Probably a product from today's launch that I might consider buying. The idea of leaving your phone aside for a few hours is something that appeals to me as much as phone separation anxiety. I think this is the right produce to strike the right balance when I'm out shopping, just out with the missus or not doing anything.

    A forced disconnect (of sorts) can do us all some good. I think the Apple Watch is a step in the right direction, though I do not see myself shelling 400-600$ for a device that has a life of at best 2, maybe 3 years.

    The scope of disconnecting is so good. For e.g. you've left your phone in the car. No worries, you can monitor important notifications on your watch. You can leave your phone in another room and not be worried about missing anything. The possibilities are quite vast.

    But that Ceramic Gray Watch. Oof, what a stunner.

    All in all, if you have an iPhone 6s/7 there isn't much to upgrade, unless its to the iPhone X.

    If you're on a 6/5S/SE series, the 8/8+ makes for a good upgrade.

    Personally, I'll go a generation behind to ensure I don't overpay for these devices. The features are great, but marginal at best over one another. If I was to upgrade, I would probably consider the iPhone 7, since it comes in at a reasonable 650$ for the 128 Gig variant. I would've preferred lower, but going for the 6S again would not make as much sense at the 550$ price point for the 128.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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    New Apple watch is something worth buying if you have moolah to pay for it .

    Can't say the same for Iphone X ....face id without a touch id is not something I would like to rely on ,but I see the possibilities of Iphone X features like face id trickling down to lower priced devices made by Android chinese manufactures in future (bcoz apple did that ...Yes ,Samsung S8,plus and note 8 already has. face unlocking feature ).

    Yes ,It's a cool looking phone ,but nothing ground breaking as we are already use to seeing bezel less phones from many manufactures for the past year or so .
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    Indeed. Its like they're last to the party, but their entry is grand than anyone. The statement like "Finally an OLED display worthy of being installed in an iPhone". Sure, a lot of people will defend the 'high' levels of standards that Apple maintains, but that's really not a reason for not going OLED.

    Glad to see them using an industry standard for once, but then it is more targeted and expanding wireless charging stations across the globe than anything.

    They do take a concept and make it mass consumable, I'll give them that.

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