Event Top 5 Highlights from Apple's WWDC 2014

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    So Apple recently held the WWDC ( World Wide Developers Conference 2014 ) and promised many improvements , new OSx version , new iOS etc. Here are the top 5 highlights from this conference.
    1. Health App and Health Kit
    Its a new addition to the iPhone where users can monitor version information about their health like blood pressure , weight , activity with calories burnt , diet etc. Also has integration with third party apps such as the Nike app.

    2. App bundles
    With app bundles developers can bundle a set of apps in the apple market place so that one could buy all the apps he likes by a certain developer at once. The app bundles will now also contain videos in the reviews section as well as screenshots , so that one could see the app live in action and make out how it works. Apple now also allows developers to post "Beta" versions of their apps.
    3. Home Kit
    With the Homekit app people can control various things like locks , lights , access cameras , doors , thermostat control , plugs and switches. Provides secure pairing , is integrated with Siri and can also control individual as well as group devices. Though I'm not quite sure how all this can be achieved.
    4. iOS 8
    Yup , Apple at the conference also showcased their latest os for the iPhone , the iOS 8. The new iOS has many new features like the "Quick type" where you can swipe your fingers on the alphabets and end up with a word ( same as the Swift key for Android ). Finally you are able to send video and audio messages. Temporary location sharing. Do not disturb for group messages and you can also remove yourself from the group. There are various improvements to Siri like Shazam song recognition , purchase iTunes content , 22 new dictation languages. There are also widgets now to be available with the iOS8.
    5. Yosemite Mac OSx 10
    The design of the OSx 10 is quite similar to those of its predecessors and nothing much of a change is noticeable. One of they key features of this OS is being able to make and receive calls from the Mac OSx.
    It also has the capability to change themes as an already installed theme called "The dark mode" was showcased at the conference. Extended search is there which checks your computer as well as the internet as the same time. The Mac OSx 10 Yosemite will be available as a free upgrade in the coming time.
    To Summarize - The conference has not brought anything of a surprise element. No new hardware was announced. The iOS seems to be copying feature from Android and wont bring anything extra ordinary for my iPhone. If you get into more details for the iOS8 , you will feel like you are reading about the android device you are already using or have used some time back.
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    Nice stuff, to be widely shared.
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