Topless in Delhi - Desi Convertible !

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    We entered the parking lot, searching for that one car in a sea of hoods, boots and roofs. But there was one distinct feature that this vehicle did not have, and set it apart, a roof. And then we saw it on one side, being cleaned and polished and prepped for the photo shoot that follows in the following pages. Read on....


    It had been a child hood endeavor/secret mission/plan/design for me to once cut the roof out of my car, and for one join the ranks of the elite few who could afford a Convertible, drive around with the wind in my hair and grabbing eyeballs whenever I drove by ..

    I think more than the eyeballs, it was the fact that it would be unique, like no other .. this was the driving force for the idea. And besides, neither did I have the money to afford a Factory built Coupe.

    The idea came very close to execution however ended abruptly (in the car being rear ended a few days before I was supposed to start work on modding it out).

    Hi there, Beautiful!

    Coming back to the present. What you see on these pages is the Brainchild of Jagjit Singh of New Delhi, and a work in progress that has seen over 2 years of rigorous design and development & testing. Based on the underpinnings of the humble Maruti 800(yea.. you better believe it), the car that put our nation on wheels, is this zany lifestyle creation that refuses to let the M800 be.

    The Idea – "to design and build a 2-Seater Convertible from a regular road fairing vehicle, a car that is practical for the everyday run and compliments the elegant Lifestyle"

    The essential aspects of such a ride would have to be

    - Ease of service/support

    - Easy to repair

    - Light, fast, powerful and most importantly nimble.

    And that is what strikes you as soon as you walk towards the car, how compact & nimble it is. The low the height of the vehicle is catches the attention instantly. Despite running 15 inch wheels, the roofline goes slightly above the waist of bystanders n pedestrians :)

    A stance that does not give away the under pinings at all.
    One would be pressed to even consider thats a humble Suzuki underneath.

    Preening done, we gather our gear and load up in our vehicles to change the scenery a bit, and to get some good shots before the sun goes down. In all my excitement I jumped into the passenger seat as soon as I got the invite. Boy is it low! The feeling of being snug ( the seats are bucket type ) and so low in the vehicle, changes the dynamics completely, and you are extremely hard pressed to believe the origins of this machine!

    The compact dimensions make for extremely nippy driving in traffic.
    And thats a functional 1x2 exhaust!

    JS floors the throttle, and the raucous 1 into 2 exhaust brrraaaaps like mad. The engine is untouched and is the stock 45 bhp 12 valve model that came on some 5 speed models, however the intake and the exhaust have been toyed with, with a Free flow intake and a header and the exhaust, liberating some more horses from the engine. An ECU re-map is in the works, to bump power up further. For further crazed people, an air scoop on the hood can be incorporated for that mild ram air effect.

    A full custom interior job with comfortable bucket seats adds to that exclusive value.
    Oh and you can have it in any color of your choice!

    The entire body shell has been reinforced and strengthened now that an essential component has been removed. However the important bit is that there has been no increase in weight of the machine. Thanks to our good bullet proof friend Fibre Glass.

    The entire body panels/doors/hood/boot etc have been fabricated in FRP in house, and replication can be done en-masse. In the event of a bump/scratch/accident, entire panels can be removed and replaced with new ones in a matter of few hours with paint and all!

    Good fit and finish on the prototype indicates a clean quality finish to the final product

    Mass availability of spares/parts was a critical concern, and other than unique components like the dashboard, meters, etc that make this vehicle unique, it was ensured that all items are available in house for installation.

    A crowd gathers as we pull up outside JLN Stadium. Some kids ponder which vehicle is it, some are wondering if we are doing an Ad shoot for a new launch ( I wish ). The interest the vehicle generated was evident when people started taking a de-tour from the main road, just to drive close by and check out what it was. Its size, stance and the striking red color does attract a lot of attention, making you feel like a mini celebrity.

    Smart, even with the hood up. A lot effort has gone in making the roof effective and water proof,
    and it works! Really well!

    After some shots that highlight the stance and the neat lines of the machine, we take some rolling shots of the car. During this time, it suddenly starts to rain, which gives us a good opportunity to test the roof.
    The roof mechanism is something that JS is really proud of, since it took him a lot of time to get right, however absolutely right it is. No leaks, no wind entering, it was a commendable feat!

    The dashboard that you see in the pics will soon be finished in a matt Carbon Fibre layer, enhancing the appeal. Oh and the car can be made in any color of your choice! This is customization at its max.

    Compact steering, direct feedback, a short stubby gear shift, add to that sport experience.
    All I want a is rev needle running across a massive dial!

    The forward opening hood is functional as well as a sight. The front members of the chassis have been strengthened in the case of an impact.

    Structural rigidity was impressive during the short driving stint I had. The Steering is direct, like a Go-kart, and has very little free play, however un-powered yes it is.
    Driving down the road, it was an unique experience, with no roof over your head and the wind in your hair. Had it not been for the great Indian traffic jam, I could actually get used to driving like this. A unique design and vehicle as this, bringing out the creativity that India is all about is great.

    The boot, the roof and the Hood. Decent storage space in the boot!

    Buying one could set you back by a good couple of Lakhs, but for the exclusivity and the unique appeal, I would say go for it. Moreover it’s a good way to give your old car a new lease of life, maybe for when you hit mid life crisis, or as a gift for the kids.

    Some more pics to drool over before we leave you with contact details of the person behind this!

    DSC_7830_1064x708.jpg DSC_7838_1064x708.jpg DSC_7813_1064x708.jpg

    Jagjit Singh, Renowned car builder can be contacted at – +91-9811220071

    The man behind the creation himself!

    Words by JD666
    Photography by Stuge @stoney

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    Is a permission required from RTA fellows for modifying a car like this ? :nerd:
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    Yep, It needs to be tested and certified again by the RTO. IIRC this comes under a modified category. However if one wants to go absolutely by the book, since the structure has been modified, it needs certification.
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