Trip to Vaishnao Devi

Discussion in 'T&AA - Travel and Anything Automotive' started by coolcatric, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. coolcatric

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    Hey guys !

    I am going o Vaishna Devi on this thursday !

    Will take sleeper A/C bus from Red fort to Katra. Will reach on Friday morning.

    Things i need to know -

    1. Gear to carry ( Male as well as female )
    2. Where to stay, basically once i reach on Friday morning, would require some place to freshen up.
    3. How to get VIP passes. ( Can anyone arrange :) )
    4. What else to keep in mind

    Feel free to give in your inputs !

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  2. JD666

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    1) Gear to carry - As little as possible. Take T-shirts for one more day than what you need, and the usual essentials. Do not pack more than 1 Jeans ( wear one, pack one ).

    - Essential medication for loosies, vomiting, fever.Carry a few sachets of ORS for re-hydration while sweating it out.

    - Avoid Stuff like Nimbuz etc.

    2) Stay - There are a number of hotels in and around the bus stand area in Katra, Just haggle around and find one that feels secure. most of them let you lock the room for the duration of your trip.

    - Remember that leather stuff like belts/wallets is not permitted in bhawan. So arrange accordingly.

    - Passes/attendance is regulated from Katra itself, So you need to get the receipt made from there itself.

    - No idea on VIP passes, however the rush is going to be pretty bad.

    4) Nothing much, Just be careful in the bus and keep an eye out for pick pockets. The bus should stop at Lucky da dhaba in Ludhiana, Do have the paranthas there.. absolutely worth it.

    - No one really bugs/bothers a couple on the trip, however do not get too cozy while on the trip to the bhawan for darshan.

    Will update if I remember anything else.
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  3. rpm

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    the only way to arrange for vip pass that i know is to know someone who knows someone in army. better still, crpf.

    anyway, cut out the jeans. hunt them shorts. cargo or otherwise. it is ok for women to wear shorts too, while on the trek.

    staying at gauri bhawan ( 200m walk, uphill from bhawan) is awesome. but i doubt if you will get reservations at this time.

    i need to go there once when it's snowing.

    and i just recalled, 966 was ahmedabad. confused the two trips. ahd-del took 13 hours. would have been 9 if ?#@*&%!^$~all manesar had a little better traffic.
    del-ixj took 8 hours including 30 minutes halt. uber fun hitting a cloud and the car probe showing -0.1C. damn it, winters need to come back.

    ixj-del took more time. basically because we went to atq as well. i remember taking 7:44 for atq-del. slow, i know. but i was very sleepy :eek:
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