Review Wallet Ninja - The Credit Card sized Multi Tool

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, Mar 23, 2015.

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    Got this as a gift from a friend who knows my affinity for such weird and unusual tools.

    The packaging -


    Summary - 18 in 1 pocket tools -

    - Eyeglass screw driver
    - Letter/Box opener

    - Nail puller
    - Inch ruler

    - cm ruler
    -Bottle opener

    - Can opener
    - Cell phone stand
    - 6 Hex bolt (2-4-6-8-10-12)
    - 3 screw drivers of varying sizes

    Out of these, I find these to be the most useful, but more on that later.

    The Wallet Ninja comes in other colors as well. Mine was Camo color, so it's hard to spot as well :D


    There is apparently a lifetime guarantee to Never Rust, bend or get dull. And it is made of heat treated steel, about 5mm in thickness.

    Note the As Seen on TV message :D


    The rear has some more details on what tools can be used. And a convincing, aggressive guy with a beard telling you, how much you need this tool.


    Close up of said aggressive guy. Website - Wallet Ninja


    A listing of the tools. A good bit again, is that this is TSA approved for carry on.

    Taking the card/tool out -


    It does feel pretty hefty, and has a decent amount of weight. Around 35-40 gms I would assume. Definitely not easy to bend or break.


    Used a sheet of paper to highlight the details. The camo is really hiding the tools.



    The screw driver on one end. If you look closely, it is not as tapered as I would've liked to it be. This restricts operating certain screws that have a very narrow head, but works otherwise.

    The screw driver tips did not feel as if they would give way, but do not use this for really tight screws. Generic screws for battery covers, furniture (small), light fixtures, Toys and other misc items (PC cabinets for instance) would be a breeze with this.


    The Eye Glass screw driver. Again not as sharp or pointed as I would like, but it works for smaller screws. It won't be fitting any Eye Glass screws though.


    The screw driver at the other end.


    The Hex slots and the Cell Phone stand slot. The curved slot is to give stiffness to the card.

    I was quite keen to try out the Cell Phone stand functionality, though I was a tad disappointed. Why? -


    The card inserted. Note this is a regular stiffness plastic card.


    Looks promising.


    Pretty ingenious


    What The! Yep. The moment I placed my BlackBerry on it, it just simply collapsed. I tried horizontally as well, however the arrangement could not simply hold the weight.


    Tried with a lighter Moto X, however still the same.

    Anyhow, I did find a solution. If I shove two cards instead of one, the stand is robust and can be propped up easily.


    Like so, and so -


    The plus thing is, this fits neatly into a credit card slot in your wallet -


    I wasn't sure of the magnetic effect of sliding a dense metal plate against the magnetic strip of a credit/debit card. So I gave it a pocket of its own.

    It does add to the weight of the wallet, but it is a good thought knowing that I have an object that can be used when needed. The Victorinox offering (credit card tool) has slightly different tools, but is also a worthy alternate.

    For about 500 INR, this is a good tool for those to love to travel/hike or have an impromptu beer at any time. The bottle opener comes real handy ;)


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