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    For the un-initiated, a watch winder is a device that provides suitable movement to an automatic watch, so that it keeps time when not being used.

    Most Automatic watches rely on the movement of the hand to keep the spring running. Wearing an automatic watch for about 6-8 hours per day imparts enough charge for it to last between 24-48 hours. However some watches (like my Seiko) last much lesser, and the time has to be set every time I pick it up after a few days.

    Hence comes in a device called the Automatic Watch Winder. Now generally these winders are pretty expensive. From what I have seen online, these can range from 5-15,000 INR easily. However I was lucky enough to get my hands on a winder, made in USA, capable of running on our 220V or batteries even, for much much lesser.

    First up, un boxing and preview -


    Compact box, about a small shoe box size.


    Instruction manual, charger


    The winder


    Contents laid out


    The bottom of the watch winder. Here I have 2 3-way switches, and 1 power switch. There is also a port for the power adapter to plug in. Alternately, I can install 4xAA batteries to power this device. The Charger is rated at 5V and 200 mA output, which to be honest, is not much. This could easily run off a USB port even.


    The top has a glass window and a nice leather-ish finish all over. The feel and finish is really good.


    Opening up we have a foam piece, another bit of instruction manual (which I clicked later)


    Removing the paper insert reveals the Watch Holder and the LED that indicates function.

    The hinges are really well built and sturdy.



    The inner instruction manual with the foam piece, a cleaning cloth and mounting instructions.


    The watch mount.


    This is covered in felt fabric in all the spots where the watch could possibly be in contact. This prevents any scratches or any kind of abrasion to mark the watch. For something that is going to be rotated several hundred times per day, this is a necessity.


    The Seiko mounted on the holder. It was a really tight fit I must say. I'm guessing people with bigger wrists might have it easier, since there would be more links in their bracelet.




    The rear of the mount has a spring mounted bottom, that pushes constantly against the metal clasp. This creates the necessary tension or pressure to keep the watch in place as it rotates.

    What you see above is the bottom compressed with the clasp locked.


    This image shows the difference when the clasp is released.


    The watch mounted and closed.


    Another shot.


    Now coming to these controls. The ones on the left control the direction of rotation (when viewing the face of the watch winder).

    The one on the left (called Direction switch) has 3 positions and controls the following -

    1 - Turns clockwise for selected time (from switch 2) then stops. Cycle repeats.

    2 - Turns clockwise for selected time, stops. Turns counter clockwise for same time, stops. Cycle repeats.

    3 - Turns counterclockwise for selected time, then stops. Cycle repeats.

    The switch on the right controls the time. Called Program switch -

    A - Runs for 2 Minutes, then stops for 25 minutes, Cycle repeats - Total 640 Turns per day.

    B - Runs for 2 Minutes, then stops for 16 minutes, Cycle repeats - Total 950 Turns per day.

    C - Runs for 2 Minutes, then stops for 10 minutes, Cycle repeats - Total 1440 Turns per day.

    Generally, B should be enough for use, unless the watch manufacturer specifies the number of recommended turns when using a watch winder.

    What this helps is not only keep your watch working, saving you downtime and the hassle of adjusting it every time you would like to wear it, but also keeps the parts moving, which is better than having your watch sitting idle.

    It also makes for a nifty display case that can be used to showcase your prized possession.

    This Watch Winder cost me about 3,500 INR, which is reasonable, considering the prices I was seeing online. I'll post a video of the winder in operation as well. The Rotation is pretty smooth and slow.

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    Here's a video of the winder in operation -

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    Interesting device and useful if you switch between two watches on a regular basis. JD, buy one for each of your automatics. ;)

    Link to store where you bought it?
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    There are winders that can wind 2 or more watches simultaneously. I found one that could wind 6 of them together. This made more sense MAINLY coz it was the cheapest available, and secondly that it is portable enough for traveling (Just pop batteries in it and you are good to go).

    Link -

    Single Black Automatic Watch Winder [WINDER-WW-10001-11] price, review and buy in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi | Souq

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