Windows tablet - Make On-Screen keyboard Auto pop - solved

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Consumer Electronics' started by JD666, May 14, 2015.

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    So I had a nagging issue with the InnJoo Windows Tablet I purchased recently.

    In Desktop mode, whenever I would try and enter a data field, like a web address, a search term in Google or YouTube even, I had to bring up the on screen keyboard by tapping thevkeyboard icon at the bottom right on the taskbar.

    Now the On-Screen Keyboard or OSK, works fine in Metro mode, popping up automatically when any data has to be entered.

    It would fail to function when using a browser or when in an App that runs on the Desktop.

    People who are used to iPads or Android Tablets will find this really really annoying. It is a very simple feature that you would half expect MicroSoft to include as a standard, or perhaps as part of a software update, but nope that is not the case.

    A cursory look online revealed that a number of Windows Tablet or touchscreen users have reported the glaring omission of such a feature. To be honest, I found myself relying either on a Micro USB keyboard that I bought for the Tab, or I preferred my laptop more. This Tab was purchased with an intention of doing more of my personal work on, but that was not the case.


    You need two pieces of software.

    First you need Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 . Current version is at 4.5 or higher. However the next piece of software works only with 3.5.

    Secondly you need to download AutoKeyboard from heren-

    Télécharger AutoKeyBoard 1.2 sur cloodl

    The installer is in French, but still basic enough to allow you install it. Once completed, just double tap the icon on the desktop and your keyboard will pop up automatically whenever you need to input any text.

    I just typed this solution on the OSK and I still think a physical keyboard is any day better :p

    Hope Windows Tablet and Touch Screen users will find this solution handy.


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