Information Wysips Crystal makes phone screen that converts light to electricity

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    And can be used to charge your phone. It works on both Artificial light and Sun light, and a 10 minute exposure to the sun will give about 4 minutes of battery life.

    Does sound useful, with all the giant screen sizes available, pretty soon phone's won't need charging. Just put em out in the sun light. (though it's been disastrous earlier with the phones overheating or melting in the sun.

    From the website -

    "Together with thinness (0.5 millimeters or less), its two major advantages are power and transparency. It can already generate 5.8 milliwatts-peak per cm2; we are working to double that amount by 2014 using second-generation photovoltaic materials involving organic semi-conductor polymers. Since 2012, we have attained a 90% transparency rate."
    Wysips Crystal®: the economical mobile screen

    By bonding an ultrathin photovoltaic layer to a network of micro-lenses, Wysips Crystal® is designed to be incorporated in screens and adapted to every technology: MEMMS, bistable, LCD, OLED, optical screen, etc.
    Integrated during the manufacturing process, below or on top of the touchscreen, it is connected to an electronic chip that converts and manages the energy produced. The photovoltaic component is recharged along with the device battery by exposure to natural sunlight or artificial light.

    Our R&D has succeeded in achieving a 90% transparency rate. Our technology has no effect on visual quality or screen functions and is therefore optimal for the touchscreens of smart phones. It also increases the viewing angle of screens on small devices.

    Based on the same principle as Wysips Crystal®, Wysips Cameleon® differs by its applications, which concern all types of static, i.e. non-animated, communication surfaces.
    Our technology does not affect visual quality or medium functions. It is specifically suited to outdoors display applications (billboards, store signs, etc.), road signs, and camouflage, e.g. noise barriers or façades, and images (brands, mobile device covers, etc.).
    Wysips Cameleon® can be used to equip display structures of any shape or size up to 2 m²."

    Link -

    SunPartner Group » Innovative energy Wysips®

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