Xiaomi launches the new Yi 4K Camera - 4K Video - 2.19 inch LCD

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    The Yi Cam from Xiaomi (Xiaoyi after the buy out of Yi by Xiaomi) became the poor man's GoPro. And it did a terrific job at that. Priced nearly 1/3rd that of a regular GoPro, one could get nearly the same or better shots, could buy more cameras for the same budget, and mod the hell out of the camera without feeling bad.

    Sure it had a bunch of issues, firmware not updating, memory cards not getting recognized, whirring sound during recording, focus issue, no protection on the lens etc etc. However the tech community took to it so strongly, that they found fixes for nearly all issues.

    I used the Yi Camera extensively during my travels in India recently. I used it as a Dash Cam, to record time lapse, and the device did not disappoint on any front. The battery life is about 1 hr, but keeping in mind the price point, it is more than acceptable. Changing batteries is a breeze and you can always plug it to the car charger when using it on board a vehicle.

    Most track sessions do not last more than 15-25 minutes, in the interest of mechanical durability of the vehicle. So the battery life is just about right here.

    However, now Xiaomi has announced a successor, which doesn't come cheap (around 12,000 INR), but does bring a host of features that were amiss earlier. Here are some pictures from a site -

    Yi cam.jpg

    4K resolution, A9SE CPU, 2.19 inch touch LCD, 2 hr battery life, Support for 2.4 and 5 Ghz Wi-Fi. 3 Colors - Black, White and I wanna say Rose Gold, but I'll say pink.

    Yi Cam 03.jpg

    Sony IMX377 sensor at 12MP (2 MP more than the 10MP sensor in the Yi Cam 1). They do talk about how high res is the screen at the back, at 330 pixel per inch, it's Retina display territory, with a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

    The Yi Cam (2?) does 4K video at 30 Fps, 2.5K video at 30 FPS, 1440P video at 60 FPS. Though not many would be using all that resolution right away, it does make for decent scalability in the future.

    Going lower on the resolution really bumps up the frame rate at - 1080p, 960p @ 120 FPS and 720P@240 FPS.

    You can also do time lapse in full resolution mode (4K).

    Yi cam 04.jpg

    The viewing angle has not changed from the earlier Yi Cam (155 degrees) and the aperture is the same at F2.8. What they have introduced is electronic image stabilization. The battery is a beefier 1400 mAH unit, though it's not mentioned whether it is removable or not.

    The claimed 2 Hrs recording would be taken by me with a pinch of salt, considering that the Yi Cam 1 lasts about 45 minutes when doing a 1080P 50FPS recording. At 30 FPS it will last the 1 Hr.

    Considering the higher processing requirement, the touchscreen LCD, I would probably rate the battery life at par with the Yi Cam 1. Reviews online should shed more light on this.

    Yi cam 06.jpg
    Here are some tech specs, the device weighs 95 Gms, and I doubt will be compatible with previous Yi cam housing. They do have separate packages listed on the website for bundles with selfie sticks and BlueTooth remote control.

    Yi Cam 07.jpg

    It's about 10.25 INR to one Yuan, so you can do that math and figure out the prices in INR.

    Waiting for reviews on this one.

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