Zaatar Manakish

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    Manakish is a Turkish/Arabic bread prepared much like a pizza, with a dough that prepped with yeast and sugar, and then baked in an oven.

    The toppings range from cheese, meat, vegetables, mince, sausages, spinach, hung curd, to Zaatar, a staple wild herb in the region.

    We tried this at home, since Manakish is usually made from refined flour or Maida, and is not too much on the healthy side. The ingredients are toppings surely are healthy, with everything being prepared fresh, or using olive oil only.

    To add a twist, we tried this, with Multi-Grain Flour, that does taste a bit funny, but then adds additional nutrients to the whole deal.

    The only two exotic ingredients in this whole deal are yeast, which can either be activated or regular yeast, and Zaatar, which is available in any high end supermarket as a spice.

    We used activated yeast, so not much preparation was needed.

    First up, ingredients -

    - 3 Cups flour. (for the authentic taste, you can use All-Purpose Flour here)

    - Yeast - one 11gms pack should be enough.

    - 1/2 Tsp Salt

    - 1/2 Tsp Sugar

    - 1 Cup water

    - 2 Table spoon oil

    - Zaatar mix - 1 1/2 cup

    - 1/2 cup olive oil for the Zaatar topping.

    - Dry flour and oil for baking

    Preparation -

    - If the yeast is not activated, mix the yeast with sugar and lukewarm water (1 cup). Let it stand for about 10 minutes until you see bubbles/foam form in the water. Make sure the sugar is well dissolved.

    - If the yeast is pre-activated, just mix with water and sugar, and pour into the flour.

    - Before pouring the yeast/water/sugar mix, add the salt to the flour, along with 2 table spoons of olive oil.

    - Knead the mixture into a soft dough, dry enough so that it leaves the side walls of the container.

    - Cover with cling-film or any other suitable air-tight cover, and keep aside for 20-30 minutes.

    - Mix the Zaatar mixture with olive oil in a separate bowl.

    - You should see the dough swell up in size (nearly twice). It should be soft and squishy to the touch.

    - Roll out into flat Indian style Rotis. Avoid using a rolling pin, since the yeast dough does not fare too well with that.

    - Once the dough is about 1/2 inch in thickness, make small pock marks using a spoon. This will help hold the Zaatar mixture.

    - Spread out a thin layer of Zaatar mixture on the bread. Make sure it is thin, else it will taste too salty.

    - Heat oven to 200 Degrees C or 400 F and bake until golden brown. We greased a tray with olive oil, and used both burners/heating elements (top and bottom). After the first one, we decided to place the tray closer to the upper than the lower.

    - Enjoy!

    Some pictures from the preparation -

    The Dough after kneading, before swelling -


    The difference is noticeable in this image. The cling wrap was swelling up with the released gas -

    The Zaatar mixture with olive oil. This will settle into a thick paste. Which is desirable -

    Making the pock marks on the dough -


    Spreading the Zaatar mixture -


    Ready for baking -


    And the finished product -


    Tips -

    - Use oil around and under the dough when rolling. This will make it easier to lift it for baking.

    - If pieces get too big to handle, just make smaller, cup sized round breads.

    - Cut some fresh cucumber, tomatoes, mint leaves and black olives for sides.

    - This is enjoyable with Labneh, or hung curd as well.

    Until next time, Cheers!
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