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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussions' started by JD666, Sep 11, 2017.

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    It has been a long long time since I posted on R101. A bunch of changes on the personal front kept me away for far too long. And to share all that I have been playing around with over the past year or so, I need to start from the recent and try and make my way back.

    Got this today after not enjoying my previous, Blue keys Mechanical Keyboard. Why? I'll talk about in the review of that keyboard, but to get the ball rolling, let's talk about the CoolerMaster MasterKeys L White.

    MasterKeys Pro L.jpg

    After trying out various mechanical keyboards from Corsair, Asus, Kingston, Dell (Alienware) and a bunch of others that I had never heard of, I decided on the CoolerMaster MasterKey L (Red Switches). Got this for 99$ (plus the inevitable tax extra).


    Forum software on R101 had been updated to the latest release, Our homepage is getting some semblance of normalcy, and the only thing left was to add details about all the hardware I have been playing with. My previous keyboard, though a nice clicky Blue key version, was too loud, and had a much higher than anticipated actuation force. It got tiring after a while and I needed something faster, quieter and smoother.


    The CoolerMaster MasterKey L comes with individual LEDs (I'll pull one key out and post below) and a crisp white LED back light that has various modes like breathing, gaming only and varying degrees of brightness when in each mode.

    Also included are Wave and Responsive, which I still have to try out to figure out more.


    The back plate is finished in White, so that gives the White LEDs substantial reflection and evens out the light emitted from each individual LED.


    Not sure for ease of portability or simplicity, the keyboard comes with a Micro USB to USB cable nearly 5 ft in length. This makes the form factor really compact. I should try and include some size comparos with my other mechanical keyboards (Razer BlackWidow Ultimate and the Eagle Tec Mechanical keyboard I was using recently).

    Good bit of using the Micro USB interface - If your cable frays, breaks, bends or stops working, you can hook up any regular Micro USB cable and keep your work/game going on.

    Bad bit - Guess you'll have to be slightly careful when moving this keyboard around, so that you don't yank the cable out of the connector port.


    This keyboard has a built in 32 bit ARM processor with preprogrammed modes, so you can create your macros and switch between various modes, without requiring the need for any software or drivers. It was plug and play.


    Also included is a key tool to pull the keys out quickly.


    Since this is my first hour with the keyboard, I am averaging about 75 words per minute on Typing test, but I feel that figure should go up as I get used to the key response and force requirements. There is a tinny sound from the space bar which is slightly annoying up to this point.

    I didn't really like the unabashed CoolerMaster logos on the Windows keys, but then that is perhaps the only place where the CM logo appears on the top of this compact full sized keyboard.

    More to come as time goes by and I get more used to this keyboard. Main purpose of purchase - Office work/email/office chat etc.

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